My Favourite Audi Cars

Audi is one of my favourite manufacturers and forms part of what is known as the “German Big 3”. The other two luxury automakers being BMW and Mercedes-Benz. Audi have designed models to fit every preference from the superminis right up to the large 4×4’s and have become synonymous with high quality and reliability.

One of the most desirable models is the Audi Q5 because it features the superb interior that Audi is renowned for alongside strong diesel engine choices. The handling on the Q5 makes for an enjoyable drive because of how sharp it can be although this can then be countered by a rather firm ride. If I was actually to invest in a Q5 I would probably go down the route of a Contract Hire Audi Q5. The reason I say this is because after the payments are made on the contract hire I would more than likely end up upgrading from the Q5 to the top of the range Q7. The Audi Q7 provides all the benefits of the Audi Q3 but also gives you that menacing characteristic I like in the larger 4×4 models. It is a lot better suited to the road than rough terrain but I am strictly a road user, so this is not a problem for myself. It also contains three rows of seats, compared to the Q5’s two rows which will make things a lot easier for anybody with a big family like myself. One thing I may consider with the Q7 is to look at a good quality, Used Audi Q7 because this way I could own the vehicle outright and not have to worry about keeping up with payments.

One of my favourite Audi’s has recently become the Audi TT. The reason I say recently is because up until roughly 2 months ago I was never keen on the aesthetics of the TT which meant I never truly had a proper look at it. This was up until 2 months ago when my friend Jamie brought a Used Audi TT and at first I gave him a bit of stick for buying a “hairdresser’s car” however with Jamie persuading me to have a proper look into it I decided to have a look around. I must say as soon as I saw the bright red leather seats and beautiful chrome interior I did think wow but it was not enough for me to change my opinion, not until he let me have a drive in it that was. It was thoroughly enjoyable to drive and surprisingly comfortable considering I am 6 foot 4. Jamie did mention that he was considering the option of a Lease Audi TT Roadster because essentially he wanted to be flashy and drive around in a soft top however for the costs he was looking at he felt it was worth paying the cost upfront and owning the car himself, even if he can’t put the roof down on a hot summers day and catch a few rays.

Audi’s high performance RS models are some of my particular favourites. I have a real obsession with the Audi RS3. This model isn’t exactly cheap but with what Audi has provided in terms of performance, engine and equipment it is not hard to see why. It is fitted with a 2.5 litre, five-cylinder audi-rs3turbocharged engine that can only otherwise be found in the Audi TTRS. So believe me when I say this car is quick. Despite my favouritism towards this model Audi actually discontinued the manufacturing of the RS3 in 2013 so you can now only buy a Used Audi RS3. The Audi RS3’s exterior is similar to that of the Audi A3, which I have been a fan of since one of my friends invested in one. The only odd thing, regarding the shape of the RS3, is that you can only find it in the shape of a five-door Sportback rather than the more traditional sporty three-door hatch I feel it would look even better with. However when Audi are providing something extra such as a rear spoiler and a body kit alongside nineteen inch alloy wheels the fact you have an extra two doors pales in comparison to the benefits.
Moving on from the RS3, another favourite of mine is the Audi RS5. In my opinion the RS5 is the most refined and sophisticated of the RS models. It has been styled to meet a purpose and the handling and traction are fantastic. The whole car from the body shape to the interior to the amazing V8 engine has been completed to the usual high quality we have come to expect from Audi. It is an upgrade to the A5 and is seen by Audi as the natural successor to the highly successful RS4.